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Marine instruments

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著者 :Jean Randier
出版業者 :MDV (2006)
不良部分 :Hardcover (222 full color pages) 8 inches x 11 inches
言語 :French
ISBN :978-2-35261-021-2
EAN :9782352610212
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Marine instruments, by J. Randier, Ed. MDV, 8 inches x 11 inches ( 21 cm x 27.5 cm ), hardcover book with 222 color pages

This is a hardcover book with 222 color pages that presents the instruments of marineand the technical objects.

The French texts are written by Jean Randier.

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l'Instrument de marine

Détails du livre

Auteur :Jean Randier
Éditeur :MDV (2006)
Reliure :Relié (222 pages couleurs) 21 cm x 27.5 cm ( 8 inches x 11 inches )
Langue(s) :Français
ISBN :978-2-35261-021-2
EAN :9782352610212


l'Instrument de marine, de J. Randier, Ed. MDV, 21 cm x 27.5 cm, relié avec 222 pages couleurs

This hardcover book with 222 color pages presents navigation tools and marine instruments.
The book traces at the same time the fascinating epic of the sea pioneers, in their insatiable search for ways to navigate and locate themselves across the vastness of the oceans.
As marine instruments were perfected, the art of navigation, thanks to them, led to the geographic conquest of the globe.
An abundantly documented reference work, this precious guide, as much for the historian as for the collector or the simple curious, is a veritable encyclopedia of on-board navigation equipment.



  • Dead Navigation
  • Piloting at sea
  • Navigation by the stars
  • Time at sea
  • Hydrography, geodesy and astronomy on land
  • Weather observation and forecast
  • Alphabetical index of the instruments represented
  • Bibliography

The French texts are written by Jean Randier.